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What’s Beta than Google?

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04 Dec 2017

Any SEO-G knows that nothing is better than Google except...their betas. Our Google guy, Max came into Alyka HQ to run us through their newest release of Google betas and we’ve got to say...they are dope.

They’re clever, faster and overall really, really cool. With so many Betas out there for testing we wanted to share with you what our favourite ones are and how they’re going to benefit your business.

Landing Page Experiments powered by Google Optimize

Google Optimize is a tool that allows you to test and personalise landing pages to improve online experiences and more importantly, conversion rates. If you like testing out different content and landing page variations across different groups of ads, this is for you. We can test and roll out different content and landing pages based on a range of factors. For example, a user that visits the website from a Facebook ad could see a different result than someone visiting from Google. We can tailor landing page experiences based on what we think the user will engage with most, based on a custom set of rules we set up. This beta has been integrated with AdWords so that we can test different page layouts to determine which converts best. We can then make informed decisions (backed by data)’ whether to roll the changes out permanently.

Improved Enhanced CPC

If keeping a stable Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) and increasing your conversions sounds good, you will love this. Enhanced CPC keeps the average CPA consistent while taking advantage of the AdWords smart bidding technology to improve your campaign's performance. At Alyka, we have ‘almost’ always found the best results through manual bidding when budgets are tight and we need leads right now. However, Google is improving with their automated bidding capabilities and this is something we are religiously testing to stay ahead of the pack.

Similar Audiences for Customer Match

Customer Match lets you show ads to your customers based on data about those customers that you share with Google. By using Google's similar audience, lookalike technology, Customer Match keeps us in touch with and retain your existing customer base. How it works is easy, similar audiences for Customer Match will find similar users to an existing Customer Match List, allowing efficient new customer prospecting and acquisition.

Mailing Addresses for Customer Match

We saved the best for last...thanks to the weird and wonderful world wide web you can now create Customer Match Lists using both the work and home addresses that their customers have shared. Google will then match addresses that we upload to create a Customer Match List that we can use for targeting across Google Search, YouTube, Gmail and Online Shopping.

Our SEM team (the Pay Per Click Cartel) has already been experimenting and testing these latest betas and getting some impressive results. In the words of our Search team leader “if you’re not testing, you’re falling behind”.

If you have any questions for our PPC Cartel, get in touch!