CPK love making great pizza. We couldn't wait to partner with them to make something that might not taste as good, but is just as pleasing!

Website / Restaurant

The Solution

As an American import, launching their first Australian restaurant, California Pizza Kitchen wanted to kick it off with a bang! They came to us with a vision to create a website that is as fresh as their menu, but a little less cheesy...

What we created is a bright and fun design that tantalises your taste buds with beautiful food photography, and a yummy drinks menu. Our design team enjoyed the challenge of matching the CPK energy. Using bright colours and a few fun design elements, we developed something that captures the fast paced and buzzing atmosphere at CPK.

The backend to us is easy-as-pie and provides a flexible administration area that CPK staff can edit, update and make their own. Menu changes, new images and news updates are easily added with a CMS desk built for novices and geeks alike. So have a look through the website and find out why you will probably find us all munching at California Pizza Kitchen.

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