The Magic Coat is an innovative program designed to help children who have experienced trauma and disadvantage deal with a number of difficult situations they may come across in their young lives.

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Case Study

Developed by award winning educator Di Wilcox, The Magic Coat is a groundbreaking program for disadvantaged and disempowered children that is designed to enhance their positive energy so that they can become confident and resilient while also radiating the qualities of love, happiness, compassion and kindness.

Having partnered with The Magic Coat through The Magic Coat Foundation, we were able to engage in a pro bono project and build them the website they needed free of charge. Unshackled by budgetary constraints, the Alyka team was able to flex their design and creativity muscles and deliver a fantastic end product.

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The Challenge

Having generated lots of local and international interest, Di and The Magic Coat team found that not having a website or online central information hub was holding back their ability to generate exposure for the program and thus help more children access its benefits.

Whilst the majority of the website build was relatively straight forward, the real challenge came in creating an end product that would accomplish the task of helping them to promote their program while aligning with their established brand and messaging. We had to strike a balance between information intended for an adult audience and a concept designed for children - a feel and tone of voice that can often be difficult to get completely right.

The Solution

The first step in the process was really getting to know the source material. With specific characters, visual aesthetics, messaging and branding, it was very important to become familiar with all aspects of The Magic Coat so that we would be able to deliver a website that incorporates the right elements and delivers the right message.

Having completed this initial task, the design & creative teams were able to work closely together to build a stunning website that functions as a seamless display of resources (including an up-to-date workshop calendar) while simultaneously encouraging engagement and helping to familiarise visitors with the program, its characters and how it works.

In particular, we were able to deploy lots of fantastic animation to help everything really come alive and inject a sense of movement, child-friendly energy and playfulness.

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The Results

Di and the rest of the team at The Magic Coat have been over the moon with what we were able to deliver.

To quote Di herself, it  

“represents the childhood filled with dreams,wishes and imagination that every child in the world is entitled to and yet sadly, many never have the opportunity to experience...The website is so easy to read and follow for educators and parents. It gives them all the necessary information while at the same time reminding them what childhood should be all about.”

We’ve been proud to work on such a worthwhile project and get a lot of satisfaction out of delivering a product that will enable The Magic Coat to further spread their message and help more children around the world lead better lives.