The new City of Melville website is a model example of what a modern local government website should be: inviting & visually appealing, highly accessible, easy-to-use and able to guide users to the information they need in a timely and convenient fashion.

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Case Study

The City of Melville approached us to build a new website to replace their out of date, hard-to-manage site that suffered from poor design and low accessibility. They were in need of a AA accessible site that would make the City of Melville more accessible to the public whilst also being easy for them use and maintain from the back end. A vital part of the brief was to build a website that created a great, intuitive user experience that quickly and easily guided people to the information that they needed.

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The Challenge

The main challenge with a project like this is to balance the need for AA accessibility (which has clear guidelines in terms of making the site perceivable, operable, understandable and robust) with the desire for a visually appealing, slick website.
Our team of designers and developers also faced the challenge of incorporating lots of different functionality - a total of 12 modules (such as a minutes & agendas module, a publications & forms module, a venues module, a public event submission form and active directory integration to name just a few) and 16 different templates - while still maintaining a high level of accessibility and creating good user journeys.

The Solution

Large scaled web development projects are always a team effort, and that was definitely the case with this site build. Our account managers and developers were able to communicate effectively with staff from The City of Melville to ensure that we had a good idea of exactly what they needed from their new website, what content it needed to contain and what was needed to achieve the crucial AA accessibility rating.
When it came to incorporating the mind-boggling array of functionality and design (the 14 widgets and 6 templates we mentioned earlier), our development team all worked to a clearly planned and executed CMS, development, design and user experience process for each component and template to ensure that everything worked properly and would be easy for the client to maintain themselves.
To ensure that all the different design and functional elements came together in a coherent manner that was able to guide visitors on good user journeys, our user experience (UX) team was closely involved with the project and worked closely with the development team from the very beginning.

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The Results

Another cracking team effort from everyone involved, we’re happy to report that we were able to deliver exactly what the City of Melville were looking for. It achieved the required AA accessibility certification, and when compared to the old site, the style, design, and user journeys are - to put it simply - on a completely different level. This is further backed up when you compare the stats from the old and the new site <insert stats and comparison>.
The feedback from The City of Melville has also been fantastic:

“We have had great feedback from our executives, managers, staff and elected members. Our customer services team love it too. It’s good to now be going live in a nice calm way. We have loved working with the Alyka team...we are very proud of our new website and can safely say today it’s just perfect - in a nice quiet hmmmm of post launch satisfaction. Our two teams have worked together in such an awesome way!”