The housing industry in Perth is very competitive but Momu are not the type of company to back down, and neither is ALYKA which made us the perfect team.

Website / Construction

The Challenge

Because of the vicious competition, focusing solely on design was not an option. The website needed to deliver a completely different approach to building a home. Momu had the ambitious vision of creating a platform where users can enter the site, choose a design and customise the home whilst seeing the price change in REAL time, requiring bespoke development and first time templates. They wanted to create a site that showcased their core values of empowerment and education, intertwining it into the very architecture of the site.

The Objective

Momu’s focus was on the customer and the unique needs of each home builder. We wanted to develop a tool that would allow their customers to turn a house into their dream home, customising almost every aspect of each project. To do this we had to create a site that simplified the mass of information that comes with building a home. By removing this confusion we put the customer in control. We wanted to develop a web solution that could allow clients to research, learn, customise and understand costs at each point of the project.

While Momu’s focus was with the customer, we spent some time focusing on them. We wanted to produce a site that could generate more qualified leads, improve lead conversion rate, improve customer support, broaden their brand awareness, and increase sign ups.

The Solution

What we were able to develop was a fast working, easy to use, crisp and clean site, that utilized bespoke development to create a customer friendly home building canvas. We re-imagined the entire customer experience for Momu, focusing on their brand beliefs of empowerment and engagement. The beautiful responsive design ensures easy navigation and logical hierarchy that directs users to a range of home building options, and optimised across all devices.

The website had to let customers build their dream home at their own pace and when they were ready to proceed they were able to book an appointment directly from the website.

We were also able to build a well thought about members only section to allow the customer to update their floor plan, add packages, choose an elevation and create a custom brochure all within the click of the mouse in the comfort of their own home. In the backend we programmed as much data collection as possible, allowing for Momu to build relationships with potential leads and grow their customer base.

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The Results

Not only does the Momu website look stunning but it also provides results. Good ones.

Since the site’s launch in mid-September 2015, organic (SEO) traffic and conversions has steadily and continually increased. Comparing June, July and August 2016 to the previous three month period, shows Momu had a 59.21% increase in organic traffic. Momu has also seen a huge rise in organic generated conversions with keyword rankings steadily increasing since launch, visibility across search engines growing month by month and keyword rankings on the first page of Google each month.

We love the opportunity to design something beautiful, but for us to be proud, it needs also to be useful, and we are very proud of this one. This website is something that can be utilised as a marketing tool, whilst strengthening brand identity and generating good leads.