The same way every home requires a solid foundation, any great business requires a good website.

Website / Construction

The Challenge

Sovereign Building Company are nothing short of extravagant. With luxurious and modern designs, their builds range from mansions to modern style villas, and all boast incredible design and thought-out features.

At the start of this project, Sovereign Building Company’s website could not have been more different. They owned a very average site. It was had dull design, standard features and missed their overall style, and brand personality. It had the wrong information and failed to gather any usable leads.

What Sovereign Building Company wanted was a website that could really represent them. They needed a build that could show off their homes, and give greater insight into their incredible work. They also wanted a tool that could generate new leads, capturing information and fitting in with their overall business strategy.

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The Objective

After the team at Alyka saw the quality and beauty in each of their homes, they knew that Sovereign Building Company deserved something much better.

Setting to work, the design team began creating a site that truly represented the Sovereign Building Company brand. They made room for Sovereign Building Company’s gold colour palette, and their incredible imagery. Our designers wanted to create a website that better displayed Sovereign Building Company’s passion for well built homes, and their uncanny ability to build stunning structures.

At the same time we began to plan out how best to capture more data, giving Sovereign Building Company the lead generation tool that they wanted. We wanted to provide a site that gave their visitors an easy path to reach the team at Sovereign Building Company, as well as incentives to stay on the site.

The Solution

Going into this project, Sovereign Building Company had a clear idea of what they needed. To reach this we designed a site that was image heavy, utilising their existing assets to provide example after example of Sovereign Building Company’s incredible work. We created galleries that showcase these beautiful homes, and insight into the detail of each feature.

To assist in lead generation, we utilised forms throughout the website, and placed forms in the right touchpoints, assisting the visitor in learning more while also increasing the leads being collected on the site.


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The Results

What resulted was a stunning site that suits the Sovereign Building Company brand. By adding features that matched the needs of the customer, we were able to provide a site that works, not just for the user, but for its owner.

The spectacular homes built by Sovereign Building Company fill the site, and make it a beautiful journey. Easy to use galleries, clear navigation, and clean and fresh design make the site a pleasure to use with Sovereign Building Company’s brand of quality clearly stated on each page.

The site is flexible, attractive, and SEO friendly and will be a valuable asset to their digital strategy for a long time to come.

Now, that's what we call a good site!