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Launching the 2016 WA State of
Digital Report


Are WA businesses prepared for the digital future?

We're excited to launch the inaugural 2016 WA State of Digital Report by Alyka, providing insight into the role and importance of digital marketing to Western Australian organisations.

"This is a landmark report into WA’s digital future, offering great insights for all businesses navigating the ever-changing digital landscape." Jamie Wilkinson, Director Design and Digital, Cannings Purple.

This independent research report will help you to:

  • Benchmark your business against the digital performance of other WA companies;
  • Keep up to date with digital marketing trends influencing business decisions;
  • Prepare your business for the digital future;
  • Receive valuable insights from WA’s digital leaders.

The research, conducted by Metrix Consulting, involved senior digital leaders from small, medium and large businesses across a variety of industries in WA. The report addresses current and planned digital marketing activities, budget management and digital investment, challenges to digital progression and perceived readiness to handle the digital future.

The 'State of Digital' Report Ambassadors  

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Marketing Report

WA Digital Marketing Report

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