Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Do not get sucked in by the hype. There is more to marketing than what makes your branding agency money. It's about relationship, clear communication and patience. Email provides an opportunity to businesses of all sizes to meet with their customers, build relationships and create something lasting. Our digital marketing team are huge advocates for email marketing, and know just how to make it work for you. Contradictory to the old saying, when it comes to email marketing, this old dog definitely has some new tricks. 

Email is still king. Long live the king

There have been many challengers over the years, but email marketing is still the best digital marketing channel for reaching your audience directly. Email has an amazing ROI and is considered to be amongst the most-cost effective forms of marketing.

Base your marketing on the best data

Not only is email marketing cost-effective, but it delivers unparalleled amounts of data on your campaigns and audience. Now you can know more than just whether someone opened your email and clicked on a link, you can know when, where and on what device they followed your call to action. With this knowledge at your fingertips from our detailed campaign reports, you’ll be able to fine-tune your marketing budget and maximise ROI.

Content, timing and everything in-between

Whether you’re using email to raise awareness about a new product or service, or to keep your audience engaged with regular newsletters, our email junkies can help you keep on top of everyone’s in tray. With our advice, we’ll help you build a database, segment your audience and tailor your content so that each person on your mailing list gets the message they want and when they want it. Using advanced techniques like split testing in combination with integrated tracking and analytics software, we’ll refine your emails so they never end up in the junk folder.

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Kentico Email

Kentico is our CMS of choice. With its campaign-ready email marketing module, Kentico allows you to create, design and deliver regular email campaigns. All of this with the advanced security that you can’t find in other solutions ensures your campaign data stays safe and sound.

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