Email Automation

If you’re reading this you have most definitely been investigating EDM’s right? Good, let’s get down to business.

Unlike manual campaigns, automations can be left running in the background, taking some repetitive tasks off your plate. And not only do automations talk to your customers just like you would, they also help you make more sales.

With the use of clever minds (like ours), good content and a thorough understanding of your audience we can put together an automation plan that triggers the right email, to the right people at the right time.

For example an onboarding EDM Automation would look like this:

  • We can promote your business on social media and grow your audience.
  • Then connect with your new contacts by setting up an onboarding series of email automations to welcome them leaving a powerful first impression.
  • And finally we can then send birthday emails, special discounts and also re-engage stagnant clients with a win-back email series. The possibilities are endless...

Here are some more examples of different types of EDM automations

That’s enough of examples, if you want some concrete facts click here.

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