Branded Content

Help customers to make meaningful connections to you through branded content. This puts the focus on your values rather than just the price.

Creating valuable branded content

Branded content
When creating branded content for your business, some things to keep in mind are:
Focus on the values of the brand, not on the product/services
This allows you to make meaningful connections with your customer around your shared values.
Emphasise your brand’s unique point of difference
Ensure that your customer knows how you stand out from the competition.
Generate curiosity, conversation and sometimes notoriety
This will increase engagement and interest in your brand.
Add value for the user
Branded content is more enjoyable to consume than your typical promotional content because it is more unique, educational and/or entertaining.
Appeal to the buyer’s emotions
Marketing data shows that consumers make a buying decision based on emotion first, followed by logic.
Tell a story
This type of content is structured around a protagonist and a beginning, middle, and end.
Use multiple formats and channels
Branded content is very flexible, so it can be adapted for several formats such as images, videos, podcasts, interactive formats and events.