Digital marketing represents all the marketing efforts that use an electronic device or the internet. Effective digital marketing will help you achieve your SMART goals from the strategy phase (E.g. achieve XYZ qualified leads by timeframe X).

The marketing funnel

Effective digital marketing guides users down the marketing funnel as shown below. At each stage, different marketing channels and strategies are required.

Digital Marketing Funnel

Digital marketing channels

As shown in the marketing funnel diagram, there are several channels available such as SEO, social media, PPC (pay per click) and email. However, the specific channels that you chooses to use will depend on your industry, goals, requirements, budget and the stage of your user in the marketing funnel.

Digital Marketing Channels

Multi-channel marketing

Users in today’s world visit a variety of digital marketing channels when browsing the internet. As an example, users will constantly switch between Google/Bing, Facebook, Pinterest, and then email. As a result, it is extremely important to be across the multiple channels so that you capture the full customer journey.

Brand messaging

Your message is just as important as the channels that you are promoting on. An effective message gives value to the user either as education, entertainment or as an offer. Crafting an effective message requires both the art and science of storytelling.

This includes:

  • Speaking in the right tone of voice for your audience
  • Tailoring your message to the device and channel
  • A structure that has a strong opening
  • Containing a clear call to action


Having the right channels and the perfect message is a moot point if your digital marketing is not optimised.

There is an art and science to optimising your ads including (but not limited to):

  • Keyword optimisation
  • Time/day optimisation
  • Audience demographic optimisation
  • Multi-channel optimisation
  • Budget optimisation
  • Messaging optimisation


Tracking, measuring and reporting on your digital marketing ROI is crucial. This tells you if you are hitting your SMART goals and allows you to make adjustments accordingly. 

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