At ALYKA, our preferred content management system (CMS) is Kentico, an award winning, Gartner recognised commercial CMS.

Our preferred CMS

Kentico Gold Partner

We have used the Kentico platform for the majority of clients from corporate through to large government clients such as the City of Rockingham, Roads Safety Commission and Pilbara Ports Authority.

ALYKA has been Gold Kentico Partners for over 10+ years.

Benefits of Kentico CMS

All-in-one CMS that doesn’t require external plugins
The CMS is developed entirely in-house saving you the hassles of dealing with disparate plugins or systems.
Rich, customizable feature set
With an extensive set of sophisticated features and incredible levels of customizability, you can fit the technology around your vision and liberate your creativity.
Extensibility and scalability
Kentico’s open API means you can integrate with virtually anything, and with advanced scalability, you can be sure that your needs never outgrow the platform.
The easy-to-use platform
From developers to content editors, Kentico is an easy-to-use platform that allows users to make edits and update the system quickly, enabling companies to operate both more efficiently and effectively.
Strong Security
Having a secure platform for your website is one of Kentico’s top priorities. As well as User Management, Module Permissions, and Double Opt-in Registration options, you can also easily integrate your own user database or authentication service, or use one of the standard authentication methods. With Kentico’s Security features, you never need to worry about your website being hacked, data being compromised, or information being leaked.
Quick and easy page management
With Kentico customizable forms and page templates, you’re not forced to do endless coding or limited by predefined pages, giving you back the freedom to create the sites you desire.
Keep design separate from content
Kentico allows you to add, modify, and delete any custom fields you need. Keeping design separate from content means developers can work on the layout and functionality while content editors are free to write independently.
Mobile ready
With responsive design, you create your website once and have it adapt to various screen sizes and devices on the fly. With the mobile preview option, you can see what your website looks like on different screen sizes directly in Kentico CMS, saving you time and allowing you to adjust content immediately.
Deliver a consistent brand experience
Thanks to Kentico’s page templates, responsive design capabilities, and support for multiple languages, you can offer customers around the world a consistent brand experience across all devices and channels.
WCAG accessible features built into the CMS by ALYKA
We have built WCAG accessible features into the Kentico CMS which makes it easier for us to build accessible sites that comply with WCAG standards.

Kentico administration interface

Kentico Dashboard
Kentico is extremely easy to use for Content Editors.

Alyka Kentico Dashboard

Kentico WYSWIG editor
Easy to edit content via WYSWIG editor (What you see is what you get)

Alyka Kentico WYSWIG editor