Website Development

Brick by brick. Pixel by pixel. That's how a great site is built. During your website development we take into consideration each aspect of a site build, utilising an experienced and dedicated in-house development team to perfect each cog to your machine.

Requirements scope (aka: The Blueprint)

Building a website without the requirements is like building a house without a floor plan. That’s why you need a requirements scope that outlines how your website will be built from a functional and technical perspective.

A well-written scope:

  • Greatly reduces the risk of the site build going wrong both during and after launch
  • Greatly reduces the risk of scope creep or budget blowout and
  • Greatly increases the chance of a successful site build
Website Development with Blueprint

Technical solution

A great website is coded well in both the front-end and back-end. Front end development manages everything that users visually sees and interacts with on their browser. Backend development focuses on how the site works and usually consists of the server, an application and a database. 

A technical solution outlines how your site will be coded in both the front-end and back-end. The solution also highlights how we should integrate with any required third party systems.

Content management system platform (CMS)

A content management system allows you to update your site’s content themselves. There are several systems available and the most suitable choice will depend on your objectives, requirements and budget. Alyka is proficient in the following systems:

Project management

Alyka’s project development process has been refined over the years in a particular way that has proven to be successful in many large enterprise projects.

The methodology is a mix of an agile and waterfall approach. This approach allows both parties to have clear milestones for deliverables with the ability to manage multiple phases at one time.

Our methodology allows flexibility yet structure, with a clearly defined project plan being provided to you.

We manage this process through Basecamp, which allows both parties to work collaboratively throughout the process with the avoidance of lost email threads!

Traditional web design vs growth-driven design

Traditional web development allows you to fully understand your audience before developing the website. The traditional approach only launches a website once everything is completed.

Growth-Driven design is a more practical and dynamic approach where a launchpad website is made live right away and then continuously improved over time based on dynamic data. There is a place for both methods and the choice will again depend on your objectives, requirements and budget.

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