Lead Management

An effective lead management process ensures that you’re capturing all of the data to make correct marketing and sales decisions to convert leads into business opportunities.

A strong CRM strategy for managing leads

One of the big problems any business faces is wasting their leads. A few things can happen when a lead comes through the door such as:

  • The lead is not given attention fast enough
  • The wrong salesperson is assigned to the lead
  • The lead is not given the right information
  • If the lead is not ready to buy now, they are forgotten
  • The lead is not followed up in the right way
  • The wrong information about the lead given to the sales person 
  • And more

Lead Management

A strong CRM strategy will help you solve the above problems. When a lead makes contact, it should be recorded in the CRM automatically and assigned to the right person immediately. The CRM should also capture all the right data on the lead such as name, email address, phone number, reason for enquiry, readiness to act and more. Having all this information in the one central database is helpful for both sales and marketing teams.

The CRM can also automate follow-up reminders for the marketing or sales team to make contact with the lead if they are not yet ready to buy.