Sales & Marketing Automation

A good CRM strategy frees up your marketing and sales teams so they can focus on more productive and profitable tasks instead of wasting time on admin.

Crafting your CRM strategy

So much time is wasted by sales and marketing teams on mundane sales tasks. Simple tasks such as follow up emails and crafting simple messages take up valuable time. A good CRM strategy should automate several of these tasks and free up marketing teams to focus on actual generating activity and sales teams to focus on closing deals.

Sales & Marketing Automation

Examples of sales & marketing

CRM automation examples include:

Email message templates that can be replicated rather than having to create a new message from scratch.
Follow up emails
Automating follow up emails rather than manually remember to email a lead every time.
Email campaign workflows
Create an email campaign workflow that focuses on nurturing prospects that engage with your emails.
Meeting bookings
Booking a meeting through a calendar which has all your availabilities. Removes the back and forth involved in finding common availabilities.
Lead assignment
Automate who the lead is assigned to when it first comes through the CRM based on the details of the form submission or the demographics of the lead.