When Wesbeam came to Alyka they had a single outcome in mind - a user driven website, built from the ground up with exactly what their customers, partners and suppliers needed.

Website / Construction

Case Study

Wesbeam is a company that produces LVL engineered wood product. They came to Alyka with a single goal in mind - to build a mind blowing new website.

Their major focus was to construct a user driven Information Architecture that would become the basis for the website structure - and all of this had to be driven by extensive user research.

The site also had to create an interface that would accommodate the needs of professionals and merchants for a wide variety of backgrounds, skill sets and technical abilities.

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The Challenge

UX always comes with its own set of challenges. For the Wesbeam user research was a critical factor and we needed to conduct interviews with time poor professionals and vendors from across the country and the logistics of this proved difficult.

There was also the challenge of trying to meet highly specific and specialized needs for a variety of professionals (architects, engineers, manufacturing administrators) - while still having a website that looked and felt cohesive.

This meant that we had to develop a comprehensive understanding of the industry specific challenges faced by the different users in order to present information to them in the right way.

For this project a key point of difference was that the audience needed to see technical information in the right form - our challenge was to combine technical information and graphics into a format that users would engage with.

The Solution

For the Wesbeam, the solution was in the detail and quality of the UX conducted before we ever touched a line or code, or designed a single page. 

There are so many different tools in the UX toolbox. For Wesbeam, we used a combination of user research, user interviews, prototyping and user testing.

User Research
We had to do extensive pre-interview research (in close consultation with Wesbeam) in order to understand the specifics of these user needs, understand their processes and understand the right questions we needed to be asking in the next stage - user interviews.

User Interviews
We worked closely with client to find the appropriate interviewees and coordinate interviews with them. An important factor to note here is that to gain real insight into your users’ needs, behaviors, goals, and frustrations, as the interviewer you have to ask open-ended questions that do not lead or guide the interviewee to a desired answer.

Prototyping and User testing
This tactic involves  creating a sitewide prototype and providing it to users to test, making jot of where and why they hit roadblocks.

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The Results

Sometimes it really is best to let the stats speak for themselves!

3 months post launch, we checked in on how the website was performing and it’s safe to say that we knocked it out of the park with this one. Number of sessions, unique visitors and average time spent on page have all increased and the upwards trend is only continuing. 

120.40% increase in page views from organic traffic
18.29% increase in average time on page from organic traffic
69.01% increase in organic traffic
8.12% decrease in bounce rate
60.36% increase in new users from organic traffic

The Wesbeam staff have received continued feedback about the success of the site overhaul and we’re really proud of the way the whole team was able to pull together and work collaboratively to deliver outstanding results on such a complex, large scale project.

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