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A sales and marketing CRM is crucial for any digital marketing, inbound marketing and marketing strategy. After years of trialling and researching different CRM platforms, we decided to choose HubSpot as our preferred CRM (we are a HubSpot Agency Platinum Partner based in Perth) and it has produced incredible results for our clients. The reasons we recommend the HubSpot CRM are summarised below:

Contact Data Management

A sales CRM helps you to collate, organise and manage all of your client and leads information in one centralised location. Your team can simply log into the CRM and see all notes and discussions relating to any one client or prospect.

Why is HubSpot different?

Most sales CRM’s will achieve the above objectives but HubSpot stands out in the way it tracks the behaviour of your contacts. You can literally see where a contact has come from (from digital sources such as Google/Facebook/Email marketing or offline sources such as networking events etc.), what pages they are looking at and for how long, what forms they are submitting and what emails they are opening and clicking on.

As a result, you can understand what your contacts are interested in and market to them accordingly.

Customer Segmentation

A CRM should help you segment your customers by location, deal size, close date and more so that you can target different customer segments.

Why is HubSpot different?

Most CRM’s that help you segment customers via multiple variables require a lot of customisation. However, it only takes a few button clicks to create different segmented lists in Hubspot. Hubspot’s customer segmentation tools are both advanced and easy to use.

Measuring Return on Investment (ROI) on your Digital Marketing

This is where most CRM’s fall down. Most CRM’s don’t allow you to see what is happening with your marketing spend. For example, they don’t show you that your client John Smith, who has spent $50K on your services, initially came from a specific Google Advert.  

Why is HubSpot different?

Alyka is a HubSpot Platinum Partner and Hubspot Inbound Marketing Agency based in Perth
Alyka is a HubSpot Platinum Partner and HubSpot Inbound Marketing Agency based in Perth
Unlike most CRM’s, HubSpot shows you a very intricate level of ROI data. Within HubSpot, you can see the source of all your sales and leads down to the actual advertisement, both organic (e.g. organic social media) and paid. This data enables you to optimise your marketing spend much more effectively. 

Inbound Marketing Philosophy

Most CRM's have solid technical features but they don't necessarily have a strong inbound marketing philosophy (building your business to attract leads vs hunting for leads) to underpin those features.

Why is HubSpot different?

All of HubSpot's technical CRM decisions are driven by its inbound marketing philosophy and this is evident in the quality of their lead nurturing, lead generation and marketing automation tools and services. They are always pushing content related to inbound marketing strategies and tactics and they even have an entire academic course dedicated to inbound marketing. 

If you want to know more about the inbound marketing HubSpot CRM or you want help on your marketing strategy, find out more about our services or contact us.

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