In recent years there has been a lot of emphasis on useable, accessible websites. Many countries, including Australia, have introduced legislation to address the need for web accessibility. There are a number of steps that we at Alyka take to create websites that talk to everybody. 

We know how to build websites for everyone

Accessibility is an integral part to any website build. Providing an easy and clear user journey for all user types is what allows a business to communicate past language barriers, age differences, and geographical distance.  At Alyka we inherently understand that for a website to be useful it must be built on a sound framework to communicate with all web users.

All means all

As technology surges forward our world is beginning to shrink. The World Wide Web is allowing the four corners of our blue planet to communicate in ways that were sci-fi imaginings less than a decade ago. Access to global markets is easy. This changes a lot of things, including who uses your website.
At Alyka, we work to build websites that are optimised for all your potential markets. This means that we need to cater for; people of different ages and levels of education, users on mobile devices or various browsers, language barriers, people with disabilities and those using assistive technology. We also ensure that our website builds still provide for people in remote areas that use older technology. 

People drawing charts

Every pixel counts

When we build sites, each pixel plays a role in providing something that works for you and your user. Our Kentico CMS is already optimised to support and meet WC3 (The World Wide Web Consortium) guidelines for accessibility. We also optimise the content and format each page to work alongside assistive readers, and provide the best experience for all user types.

At Alyka we are very familiar with accessibility requirements, and work to build sites that are compliant with Web Content Accessibility Guideline (WCAG) version 2.0 Level AA. Our team is extensively experienced in undertaking digital projects with a strong focus on useability and accessibility; this assists us in meeting the unique needs of government and large corporations.

Explore the build we completed for the Department of Transport to see just how important accessibility is. 

DOT Case Study

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