Information Architecture

Information Architecture

At Alyka, we understand how users think because we are users ourselves. We know that clear labelling, search and navigation will mean that users can find what they need. Our IA design and complex planning is intuitive for users to give them a great experience on your site. With the proper plan in place, anything is possible.

Architects are there for the Users

Okay, so we can’t exactly read your users’ minds, but by using detailed analytics, cutting edge profiles and full user personas we can help you take a peek into your users’ deepest desires (or we can settle for just what they want to find on your site). As a content owner, you need to provide the content that your users want to see. We know you’re not a mind-reader, so to find out what your users want you’ll need to know a little bit more about them. That’s where we come in.

We plan for every user, even the ones who aren’t human

IA helps people find what they are looking for. But more than that, great IA also works with users who aren’t exactly human. A fully developed and implemented IA will work with online search algorithms from providers like Google to make your site easier to crawl and navigate, and make your content more accessible.

We give you the tools to make maintenance a breeze

Users aren’t just people who visit the front end of your site. If you’re maintaining your site with new content, you’re also a user and we plan for that as well.  We know that large sites can be a headache to maintain.

Fully functioning websites such as government resources can often have hundreds if not thousands of individual pages, keeping those all up to date with relevant information is no small task. Clear information architecture provides a pathway for you to maintain your site so that it not only helps your users, but you as well.

Planing before start to build website

How it works: Inside IA

User Review

We’ll help you understand your users. We’ll do a full review on the people who use your site, how they use it and what they want from your content. Armed with that knowledge, and a detailed user review you’ll be fully prepared to give your users not only what they want, but what they need.

Content Audit

Do you know where your content is and what it’s been up to? One of the most common problems we deal with day-to-day is sites that have 'out of control' content. Years of different editors and authors is the recipe for redundant content that causes nothing but confusion for your users. With a full content audit we can review your site to get your content back under control.

Content Gaps: Knowing the Unknown

IA isn’t all about telling you what you already have. It’s also an amazing tool to reveal what you need to do. A full site information architecture review will reveal the gaps in your content and teach you things that you didn’t even know you were missing.

Building a Sitemap

Once we’ve developed a plan, it’s time to start putting the bricks in place. Using detailed feedback and best practice we’ll construct a detailed sitemap that gives you a solid structure for your website.


One of the many reasons we chose to use Kentico for each build is because of its ability to facilitate premium EMS. Stacked with a number of automated tools that allow you to test, track, lead and trigger, we utilise each and every part of the CMS to provide a service that covers your entire enterprise. 

The first step is you. It all starts with you. If you are looking to boost your online presence and create something that your customers love, then get in touch today.

If you're still not convinced then explore our existing builds, and see what separates us from the rest. 

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