The Genuine Factor

It's in our DNA

Since Alyka’s formation, authenticity has been integral to who we are. It has become entwined in everything we do, and the foundation to how we conduct business. The Genuine Factor can be found in each page of our proposals, every pixel of our website design, and any line of code. Authenticity, reliability and integrity are elements we strive for in each project and been used to create foundation for our entire business plan.

But what does this mean? What does a business with the Genuine Factor look like? 

No Fluff

It’s no secret, we’re not the only digital agency around, but the truth is, we’re not all the same. Many of our competitors pump up their numbers to impress their clients. We are honest about our numbers because we are able to stand behind how we get them. Digital strategy isn’t easy, but we do it well, so we don’t need to hide behind fluff to prove it.

Talk is cheap!

But our word? You can take that to the bank!

We pride ourselves on our ability to live up to our word. If we say it, we do it. We keep to our deadlines and make sure the end product is what we promised. We consider this integral to how business should be done.

This means that if we make a mistake, we OWN it. We don’t make excuses. We give everything we are to make it right, working day and night to keep our word, because without it, we know we couldn’t call ourselves ‘the best.’

We know what’s up

We may be known for our awesome websites and digital marketing campaigns, but our knowledge runs much deeper. We strive for the best in each of our departments, perfecting the process from end to end, giving us a unique view of the bigger picture. This means we don’t just build sites that work, but tools that you can use throughout your digital strategy, building on it to grow your business in new ways.

So what do you say? Do you think we’ve got it?


We believe in a genuine, no fluff approach.

"We believe in a genuine, no fluff approach."

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