Mr Shark Tank: Derek Gerrard. Entrepreneur, tech investor, pastor and philanthropist. Episode 9

For Episode 9 we’re talking to a man of many hats, Derek Gerrard.

Some of his noteworthy achievements include:

  • Leading ChangeCorp, a large management consulting firm.
  • Co-founding and later selling a profitable tech startup called Greensense.
  • Co-founding Go Capital, a tech capital raising firm.
  • Heading up Innovation Bay, a networking platform for innovation and investment in the tech space.
  • He is a church pastor.
  • He is chairman of Meridian Global Foundation, a not for profit that donates to high impact charities.
  • He is a board member of my company, ALYKA.

Our talking points with Derek

Tell us your full business story from management consultant to executive of ChangeCorp, to startup founder of Greensense, to selling Greensense all the way to co-founder of Go Capital and Head of Innovation Bay?
Tell us a bit about your role as a pastor your role and your involvement as a Meridian Global ambassador?
What do you think are the biggest keys to success for you as a business man? Sales ability? Leadership ability? Negotiation ability?
What are the biggest reasons that startups fail? (Any stories?)
What are the biggest reasons that startups do well? (Any stories?)
What is the biggest startup success story you have been part of?
Do you have any funny/interesting Shark Tank stories?
Giving - you give a lot of money away. Care to share?

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If you want to chat to Derek, his email address is