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Simon Chua became a multi-millionaire through his petrochemical trading business in Singapore. He later sold the company for a huge sum in 2010. Ironically - the buying company was the first company he ever worked for.

When I first met Simon, I saw him speaking at my church and I only knew him as Simon the meek, nice pastor.

Little did I know that this guy just kills it in the board-room and is one of the most intense people I have ever met, The guy runs on lithium. He’s 52 years old but he’s more physically fit than I am. We recently played a game of basketball in the pouring rain and the man went hard.

Simon is now an investor and pastor based in Singapore. He is also a serial giver and when he gives - the amounts are huge.

Our talking points with Simon

How did you get started in your career?
The start of Simon’s petrochemical trading business
High risk, high reward
How does Simon take massive risks and still go to bed at night
Do you have any specific stories about taking a massive loss?
Simon’s unique trading style
How Simon sold his company for 400% more than it’s value
Loving the returns of a business/investment more than the business/investment itself
During your business days, what was your typical week from Monday to Sunday?
How do you invest your money?
How Simon gave 30% of his income away

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