Canva Brand Toolkit

By partnering with Canva, we’ve made it easy for non-graphic designers to create branded collateral in minutes, so you can focus on nurturing leads.

Graphic design make easy 

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As a marketing manager, your main focus should be on attracting, nurturing and converting leads. But marketing professionals usually wear many hats, and often get tied up trying to create graphics and collateral, even when graphic design isn’t their strong point. If you’ve played around with the Adobe Suite, you’ll know it takes a lot of getting used to, and can be difficult to use if you don’t have the right skill-set. However, outsourcing to a freelance graphic designer can be expensive, time consuming, and lead to brand inconsistencies. So what’s the solution?

After speaking with a room full of marketing professionals, we soon realised that graphic design was a common frustration. Without the support of an internal graphic designer, it is difficult for marketers to create branded collateral quickly and easily, whilst keeping designs on brand.

This is what sparked our idea of creating a new product; Canva Brand Toolkit. It’s our way of putting the ability to create great graphics into the hands of marketing professionals, whilst freeing up their time to focus on nurturing leads.

The Canva Brand Toolkit

The Canva Brand Toolkit empowers teams to design amazing marketing assets on one simple platform. It alleviates many of the marketing professionals’ frustrations, by utilising templates, brand kits, user permissions and more to ensure branding stays consistent across a wide variety of designs.


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What is involved?

The key to a successful Canva Brand Toolkit project is our onboarding process. Without this, you’re setting yourself up for Canva being another messy system that allows for brand inconsistencies across teams.

We'll architect your Canva account properly, by building your personalised brand kit and templates, granting access and putting restrictions in place, and assigning the correct user roles. We'll set you up for success from the beginning.

To learn how Canva can save you 8 hours per week, get in touch for a complimentary brand review.

What does a typical Canva Brand Toolkit project look like?

Brand audit
We’ll get to know your brand by completing a thorough brand audit, which will give us an understanding of what brand assets are currently available and how they are used within your organisation.

We’ll make some recommendations based on your current brand assets, and advise on how your team can make best use of Canva.
Brand Kit build
We’ll create your personalised Brand Kit in Canva, and lock down some features for certain roles, whilst granting access for others.
Our designers will build templates in Canva so that you can easily create new collateral in minutes

Once your Canva account is built, we’ll pass it over and train your team on how to use it, making sure it is used to 100% of its potential.

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