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At Alyka, our in-house social media team can provide you with a comprehensive social media strategy and expert advice to help you get your message where it needs to go. Using a streamlined content calendar, we tailor your content to both your audience and your business objectives so that your content is a step above everything else online. With our help, you brand awareness will go through the roof. With all that good news about your brand, you’ll be looking at a huge uptick in customer engagement, loyalty and retention.

Social Today and... Sales Today As Well

The world isn’t about to slow down any time soon, and it’s about time that your brand started to capitalise on the fast-pace of social media. By sharing relevant content when it’s truly relevant to your audience, you can generate more qualified website traffic and leads from customers who are highly engaged with your message. Unlike other fly-by-night operators, we aren’t happy with just putting anything online. We follow a tried and tested method of planning, executing, measuring and improving so that our advice only gets better with time.

Facebook Marketing

Put your message where people will see it

Sounds simple? It isn’t. There are more than one billion people active on Facebook. For marketers, it’s one of the most crowded marketplaces in the world. How can you find the right audience for your message? Well that’s an art in itself. Fortunately, that’s what we do.

  • Experts at finding needles in haystacks. We will find your audience and fine tune your advertising with laser precision by creating detailed audience personas and custom targeting.

  • We see the full picture. Get the best analysis of your ads and how your users are engaging with your content. Our comprehensive reports will help you fine tune your content and advertising so you can get the most from your social media spend.

  • Don’t take no for an answer. Remarket to website visitors for more chances to nail that sale. We keep your brand presence strong across multiple platforms, maximising conversions.

Our social media team will set you on the right path with the right strategy. Whether you want to drive sales, promote a product or raise brand awareness we can help you use the world’s largest social platform to achieve your goals and deliver your content to the right audience.

Facebook Marketing

Instagram marketing

There is more to Instagram than just pretty pictures.

  • How much is too much? We can help you figure out how to post the right amount at the right time. Our detailed content calendar and careful curation will make sure that your audience hears from you as much or as little as they need to.

  • Post. Analyse. Repeat. We will analyse your performance including tracking your followers, hashtag results, like and comments so that you know what works and what doesn’t.

  • Content-led strategy. We’ll design a strategy for you based on your amazing content. Thought you were getting a lot out of your content before? Think again.

Instagram Marketing

LinkedIn Marketing

Facebook and Instagram are the behemoths of B2C social media marketing, but when it comes to B2B it’s all about LinkedIn. If you want to reach a professional audience you need to do it on a professional platform.

  • Raise brand awareness with targeted advertising and engaging content.

  • Improve your sales funnel performance by turning leads into customers.

  • Streamline recruitment by going directly to the best available talent.

  • Get the most out of your company page, showcase page, sponsored updates, LinkedIn groups and Slideshare.

Like everything we do in the social space, our LinkedIn Marketing is customised to suite your particular goals and objectives. Whatever your industry, it’s time to look at LinkedIn as more than just a giant online networking hub and embrace the world’s most professional social platform as the perfect place where you can find the right people for your unique message.

Your market is online. Your customers could be scrolling through social posts right now. So let's get into it. Get in contact today, and let's get this ball rolling.

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