From the first line of code to the last, Alyka builds websites that work. With an in-house team of developers, we have provided a huge number of bespoke website solutions to our clients. We pride ourselves on designing websites that are beautiful, user focussed (we always recommend user research where possible), easy to manage in the backend and built to last. We design and build everything in-house from microsites, to ecommerce shopping carts, intranets web applications (web apps) and government sites.

Website Design

Website Design

Beautiful by design

Wouldn’t it be great if websites were born beautiful? It’s our loss that they aren’t. A great looking website needs to be crafted with expert care to get it looking as good as a Greek statue. We tend to think that our sites are pretty damn good looking and our clients agree. Our design team works to provide websites that not only look stunning but deliver peak performance. Every day we are tasked with precisely balancing brand and functionality so that we can build a site that our clients and their customers love. With years of hands-on experience in website design, we can help your business turn heads with a great looking website.

“Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.” –Steve Jobs
Website Development

Website Development

Make your site work for you

Any old website can work, but we know that you want a website that will work for you. Adobe reported in 2016 that over 76% of people feel that marketing has changed more in the last 2 years than the previous 50 years. That’s why we go beyond the industry norm of dressing up an off-the-shelf template, to building a site that will suit your particular needs. We are serious developers here. We build things to your specification and then we test and test and then we test again. 47% of small business owners handle their own marketing strategy. That's why we keep testing and developing until we know that you will get a site that works the way that you want it, and satisfies your needs.

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When you look for an agency to build or manage your website, you want someone that knows the inside-out of the online world.  The way people shop, search for information and find entertainment has changed due the rapid evolution of technology.  Alyka is one of the few agencies in Australia able to manage the entire spectrum of online development. From a simple Wordpress install to enterprise level Open Text development, we have the staff in-house to manage any and all of your online needs.

ECommerce Solutions

E­Commerce Solutions

Shopping without seams

When you’ve done something right, people will think that you haven’t done anything at all. At Alyka, we go the extra mile to provide your customers with an online shopping experience that is truly seamless. Instead of navigating through endless menus, wrestling with frustrating shopping carts and nervously eyeing the security on your site, we make sure that your users will focus on the important things: your content, your product and your services. From browsing your product catalogue to navigating the checkout, your customer won’t notice all of the hard work that goes into making your site a pleasure to use.

When you’ve done something right, people will think that you haven’t done anything at all.