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We are not a fan of template designs. Like all things they have a place, but not in our website builds. Our design team believe that a tailor-made design can mean the difference between online success and outright failure. We can work with your brand guide or create something fresh, but we can bet, you'll look great in our fresh designs.

We get it!

You want a website that stands out in the crowd, looks amazing and gives a great experience to your users. With years of design experience, our designers know how to make creativity meet functionality. Each of our website designs is carefully planned by our creative team to ensure your custom design suits your business needs, synergise with your strengths and align to your brand. After all, your website is a ambassador for your business and gives customers a first impression, an Alyka design will be one your customers will remember.

Hey, good looking!

We think a good design looks like you. It matches your brand, your style, and your message. It speaks to your customers the same way you would. To achieve this in the past, we have worked closely with detailed brand guides, as well as creating spanking new designs from scratch. Our design team love the opportunity to build beautiful sites. Boasting a natural eye for design, our sites will bring a smile to your face and your customers.

Beautiful and smart

Now, we could continue to drag on about how our designs are customised, specialised and stylised for each site, but of course they are. We couldn’t call ourselves a premium web designer if those elements weren’t present. But what we also strive for are smart designs.

We strive to create great designs that carry brand, and are attractive to the customer. But we also work to create sites that enhance the user's experience, adjust to their needs and flow easily, allowing their journey to be straight forward and intuitive. We see the design aspect as a foundational step in building the best website we can, and take it as serious as any line of code or section of text.

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