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Brick by brick. Pixel by pixel. That's how a great site is built. At Alyka, we take into consideration each aspects of a site build, utilising an experienced and dedicated in-house development team to perfect each cog to your machine. Using Kentico and bespoke designs we are able to provide each of our customers with a website solution that works for them. 

Challenge us. Go ahead, make our day

Our development team live for a challenge. Whether it's a Kentico CMS development or custom developments and integrations our team are excited for the challenge. The Alyka development team live and breathe code! It's the type of stuff that makes them put down the coffee, roll up their sleeves and get to work. There is no job too big or too small that the team are not willing to tackle, if you think you’ve got an online problem that can’t be solved, that’s just because you haven’t met our team.

A site that works with you

Website development isn’t easy. If someone is telling you it is, they probably aren’t doing it right. What makes it difficult is not just the technical skill of coding and programming, but it also takes high levels of intuition and strategic smarts. What separates good web development from the rest is the ability to build something that does much more than just ‘work.’

At Alyka we strive to build websites that work for you, that think for you, save you time, and play a role in your B2C relationship that no one else could fill. A well developed web solution will play more of a role than informational hub, or contact form. It should collect data, display your brand identity and adapt with a changing market. Throughout the build process we constantly check in with the customer, confirming over and over; is this build for you? Is this what you need? So by the time of go-live, we are able to provide a real solution that works with you.

Going live means bringing something to life

But good development doesn’t stop there. At Alyka, we build websites to have a life after their initial go-live. The development lifecycle doesn’t end once you launch a website. Our websites are built to fit into any comprehensive digital strategy. Once you go live, our digital marketing experts are on hand to make sure your valuable digital tool fits perfectly in your wider strategy, putting your site to good use. 

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Intranet and Extranet development

Let’s face it: most workplaces are disorganised.

We’ve all been there, trying to collaborate with multiple people across multiple platforms on multiple jobs using a hodge-podge of different online workarounds. It sucks. If you’ve never experienced this, then you are one of the lucky ones. But for the rest of us mortals, we need to get organised.

Intranet and extranet websites are fantastic tools that allow you to organise online with employees, customers, suppliers or business partners. Like the names sounds, intranets are for your organisation's internal use and extranets are for reaching out to the wider world. The possibilities of these tools are limitless.


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We get what government needs

Government clients need simple solutions to meet the expectations of a large and diverse audience. Over the past 10 years, we’ve worked with local, regional and state governments on everything from digital strategy to large-scale websites and internal intranets.

Taming the information beast

Government information needs to be easy to find and ready to use. Unlike a brand or a business, a government agency often has content that has been built up over decades not years. Our expertise is delivering the best information architecture and clearest user experience to provide a direct pathway for anyone to find the piece of information they need.

Our user-first approach

We understand that not every user is the same. The needs of city users are different from remote and regional users who may have limited access to internet or older users who require a different web experience. Alyka’s mission is to deliver websites that can be used by everyone regardless of differences in hardware, software, language, culture, location, or physical or mental ability.

We've had the pleasure of working with a number of government organisations and councils to build sites that work for them and the communities they serve. Have a look at what we have mastered here:

Top to Bottom

So whether it's an information heavy government site, an online store, or a simple build, we can do it. Get in touch today and begin a conversation that will result in a better online presence for your business. 

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