The College of Electrical Training (CET) is an institution that caters to a wide customer base; our client needed a website that could provide for online enrolments.

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The Challenge

The College of Electrical Training (CET) is an educational body that caters to a wide range of customers from different backgrounds, skills and ages. CET needed a website that could be easily accessed on all devices with a seamless online enrolment process in place. 

Previously, enrolment was entirely on paper. Because of this, enrolments were slow and complicated. We needed to provide a solution that belonged in the 21st Century, and create an intuitive, comprehensive and responsive alternative to its clunkier predecessor.

The website needed to cater for multiple courses each with varied dependencies and requirements, while also facilitating multiple payment options.

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The Objective

Create a site that clearly presents heavy volumes of content and is intuitive to the user's journey. Create a site that has an academic and studious feel; the site needs to communicate the culture of the college environment, and its faculty. Develop a site that clearly outlined the courses available and a clear easy method of enrolling online.

Create a CET admin area in the website for admin and accounts staff to manage and process enrolments.

The Solution

We designed and built a modern and responsive website, that included the development of a number of custom modules to cater for multiple course types, and created a dynamic enrol form with heavy front end logic to cater for the varying requirements of each course and student.

Users could now successfully register and pay for their course online and CET staff could easily process enrolments online which massively reduced their time spent processing paper enrolments.

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The Results

The site is enjoyable to use, allows for an easy user journey and simplifies the otherwise complicated process of enrolling. It captures and communicates the information in a palatable way. The design solidifies CET’s existing brand and provides a great foundation for business growth. Within only a few months of go-live the site has become a major asset to the college, with 300 enrolments applications received in the first 6 weeks of launch. CET's new website is a useful and purposeful information and communication hub for the staff and students at CET.