The City of Stirling knew that in their journey to becoming a 'Digital City' they would have to make their website a brilliant communication tool.

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Government agencies are in a unique position in the online world. With their platforms widely used and their content frequently accessed they are beholden to the same website standards as the rest of the internet but with an added layer of complexity.

Accessibility and navigability aren’t just important aspects of UX - they’re often legally mandated requirements. So things like how easy it is to navigate a page, how seamless the user journey is, how obvious the call to action is - all form a critical part of usability and accessibility for government bodies.

For the City of Stirling their new website respresented a chance to meet their technology and business goals of implementing a cutting edge CMS solution which aligned with the City of Stirling's digital strategic objectives, enabling them to work towards becoming a digital City.

In doing so Alyka has been able to help implement technology which will empower their community to live, visit, work and invest efficiently in the City of Stirling.

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The Challenge

Based on feedback from stakeholders, the old Stirling website was difficult to navigate, it wasn’t responsive on all devices, information and documents were difficult to locate or understand and the design was outdated. 

It was particularly important that their community have the opportunity to bring matters of concern to the City’s attention. The old website did not have the functionality to enable the community to submit petitions online.

Accessibility was another specific challenge: For members of our diverse community who have English as a second language, the old website did not provide any language support – which meant that these customers were disadvantaged from accessing basic information about the City’s services via the website.

The Solution

For City of Stirling, we used a combination of user research, prototyping and user testing.

We had to do extensive pre-interview research (in close consultation with City of Stirling) in order to understand the specifics of these user needs, understand their processes and understand the right questions we needed to be asking.

Prototyping and User testing - in creating a sitewide prototype and providing it to users to test, making jot of where and why they hit roadblocks. The important thing to know about users testing is that even though it can seem like a lot of work and people often think they will need to condue 50+ interviews to get reliable data - there’s actually a magic number, and it’s much smaller than you might think.

You only need to test with 5 users, for the best UX results - any more than that and you’ll just be finding the same issues over and over again!

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The Results

We asked the City of Stirling, following an extensive UX project as part of developing their new website to report back to us on the value of UX for them, post launch:
Analytics since launching the website are as follows:
7.41% increase in new users
27.87% increase in page views
6.33% reduction in bounce rate
8.45% increase in average session duration

During a recent survey, which assessed the effectiveness of the new website we (City of Stirling) received the following results:
97% of users agreed that the website redesign was an improvement
97% of users agreed that they could locate information easily on the website
100% of users agreed that information was written in language that is easy to understand
94% of users will use the City of Stirling’s website as their main source for information going forward.

In terms of feedback, there has been an overwhelmingly positive response to the launch of the new website, both internally and externally. The City kindly provided some of that feedback below:

“I’ve been using the agendas/minutes section of the website quite a bit over the past few days and it’s a great improvement on the previous version, especially having a decent search function. Thank you for making the website so easy to navigate”.


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