The WA Department of Transport (DOT) sought a new responsive website to cater for a vast customer base that were desperate for a mobile web solution.

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The Challenge

DoT is one of the busiest departments in the Western Australian Government. They needed a web solution that could withstand the immense pressure of servicing an entire state's licensing and transportation needs. The demand for their services is always high, and the need for an effective, streamline web solution essential.

This website was to become an entry point to all licensing services as well as a significant revenue source for the Western Australian Government. Their previous website was over ten years old, and falling behind in its ability to meet the needs of their customers. DoT realised it was time for an upgrade in design, functionality and overall user experience.

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The Objective

Our vision was to create a user-centric website that could cater for an ever growing user base, whilst being accessible to all types of people, on desktop and mobile devices. We wanted to develop a fresh new design, that added brightness and ease to the licensing system, providing a fully responsive site that could reconfigure itself for smaller touch screens such as mobile phones and tablets. The design had to accommodate custom interactivity for workflows, maps, full screen views, and auto generated listing pages.

The Solution

Our first goal was to redevelop the main website to incorporate the latest responsive-design principles before creating a mobile-orientated sub-site known as DOTDirect. To accommodate the heavy content requirements of DoT we then included a mega menu in the build of the site to improve the navigation. On mobile and tablet devices the header and footer navigation collapsed to make for easy, fast moving navigation.

We added 'concertinas' to each page giving the user control to expand and minimise information on smaller screens. Images were programmed to resize according to the size of the device. We also added workflow maps to guide users through sequential tasks. 

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The Results

Leaps and Bounds.

The new website Alyka developed was a vast improvement, featuring the latest in responsive design, user experience and accessible content principles. It provided a premium web solution that communicated clearly the assortment of information, and ease traffic to various destinations.  Feedback from internal stakeholders was positive, with the website being seen as a cutting-edge solution to trail blaze a new path in the way government websites interact with the public.

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