Let us show you how we helped Client X find a way to stand out in a competitive industry through the power of Electronic Direct Mail (EDM’s).

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Case Study

For this Case Study our client has asked to remain anonymous so let’s
refer to them as Client X.

We started working with Client X since June 2016. Initially employed to build them a website that would disrupt the Perth building industry that would ultimately prove a success. As the website project came to an end our Digital Marketing team was brought on to optimise their content for SEO and then this relationship quickly evolved into a long-term Digital Marketing/goal smashing relationship. What we’re going to showcase in this Case Study is the power of EDM’s (Electronic Direct Mail).
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The Challenge

Since Client X is in the extremely competitive home building industry their biggest challenges were typical of what most companies in an oversaturated market would be. In this instance as a home builder they were promoting different offers, their display homes, house and land packages etc but they didn’t have an effective way of pushing these offers and messages out.

Client X biggest advantage was that they had a huge subscriber base however what let them down was that they had an existing EDM template that was not very exciting. It was more of an “off the shelf” type of template that users were familiar with and not interested in.

The Solution

With such a sizeable database that had been bored with this “off the shelf” style EDM template it was clear that we had to create a custom EDM template with unique and engaging content that was supported by automated EDM’s.

The first step was the custom template design, which is similar to the process of website design. The template was kicked off with wireframes and the use of our Graphic Designer. Then these mockups progressed into our slice phase where we could test the template on different devices and browsers to further optimise its design and address any bugs. And then finally, the template was integrated with Mailchimp where we then created an automated sequence of EDMs that would be triggered after certain time frames and behaviours of the recipient (if they did or didn’t open the initial EDM, what they clicked on etc).

To give you a better understanding of this EDM automation here is an example. Let’s say Client X wanted to run a campaign called “Paint My House” and in this campaign there were three stages. Since Client X knew when each house would be at each of the three stages they were able to automate a sequence of emails that would be sent when each of their clients would be at each stage of the campaign.
EDM Case Study EDM Case Study
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The Results

We don’t want to get ahead of ourselves but...the results we have achieved for Client X so far are pretty impressive. Since we built Client X’s website and they already had an EDM subscriber base we had a thorough understanding of their client base and how to communicate with them.

Over a three month period we’ve been able to increase results for all the major metrics, leaving Client X happier than ever before.

edm chart

In the example above you can see that from May to July which is just over 12 months since we started working with Client X, we saw an increase the open rate of these EDMs by 133% when compared to May and we have seen a total of 107% increase in website leads and a 916% increase in Client X’s conversions.

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