Beautiful design, precise engineering and experiential brilliance are the foundations of every Golden Group’s development project. Similarly, they are also the foundations of every great website. While Golden Group channelled their expertise on building great architectures, we wanted to use our’s to build them a great website.

Website / Construction

Case Study

Golden Group envisioned a website that spoke simplicity, exquisiteness and modernity. They wanted a website to represent their values, foster connections and display the grandeur of their developments. During the initial evaluation of their previous site, Alyka discovered the major areas that required improvements. The previous site was cluttered, loaded with excess information and a pain to navigate. These flaws caused misalignments to Golden Group's branding and values.

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The Challenges

Architecture development is the blend of creativity genius and engineering science. The aim was to create a website that will showcase their incredible work and with the right amount of information.

Secondly, Clients, investors, home buyers and other stakeholders all access the website and so it was important to make the site navigation user friendly to a diverse group of users. 

In addition to the above, Golden Group also wanted each audience group to envision a long term future with Golden Group as they navigated through the site.

The Solution

With a clear idea of the outcomes and objectives of the website, our front and back end developers started working their magic. They designed and created a website template which is easy to navigate and extremely user friendly.

Our web team collaborated with Golden Group to select the best content and place them strategically on the new website. We worked closely with Golden Group to create galleries and displays for their amazing work. Following this, we drafted the best narrations and included the most relevant information for each development project.

Finally, with the aim of generating bigger leads, we placed forms at various touchpoints and ensured that contact information is readily available. This strategy was complemented with the news & media and about us pages.

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The Results

By working closely with Golden Group, a simple, clean and engaging website came to life. The new site has received a strongly positive user experience, attracted more leads and it tells the Golden Group story. 

In addition to the web build, our SEO expert gave the site a rankings boost, resulting in a higher traffic flow. The Golden Group page now has an advantage in the digital search space and is able to deliver a compelling story to a greater depth of people.


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