ICS Australia is a construction company built on quality, reliability, and innovation. Their existing website did not represent this, but we knew just how to fix that.

Website / Construction

The Challenge

Alyka’s task was clear. To start again.

ICS Australia’s old site was unresponsive, anti-SEO and showcased little of their incredible work. It did not reflect the quality of the ICS name, nor did it truly represent their mission or ability. We wanted to provide a web solution that could demonstrate the ICS brand, as well as be user friendly for developer and user alike. 

ICS Australia is a business that transforms spaces, so we wanted them to sit back, while we did the same for their site.

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The Objective

Our mission was to create a site for ICS Australia that truly showcased the quality and creativity of their projects, whilst providing a digital marketing tool that could boost their Google ranking, and create new leads, without being impossible to use. The site also needed to be adaptable. As the company grew and changed with the market and the needs of their customer, their site would need to change with them. We wanted to build a foundation which ICS could build on in the future.

The Solution

What we created was a responsive site with crisp, modern design that allowed ICS Australia’s existing imagery to become the focal point of the site. We built a custom search filter that allowed users to easily navigate and explore each of ICS’s unique projects. 

Our SEO team were involved in each decision, making sure each page, button, link and word was Spider friendly, and optimised its position on the site.

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The Results

The site clearly displays ICS’s ability, reliability and brand. It is a web solution that has provided them with a number of new projects, and a great lead generation strategy. The site has become a vital part of ICS Australia’s online strategy, providing lead generation and marketing opportunities.