An Australian owned and operated company based in Perth, Metabox pride themselves on building the most fast and reliable high end laptops available on the market today. In need of a new digital marketing strategy that would allow them to reach new customers, boost sales and take their business to the next level, we were able to work our magic and achieve some truly outstanding results.

Digital Marketing / ECommerce

Case Study

Online computer sales is a highly competitive space, with lots of different companies battling aggressively for their share of this lucrative market. Metabox was looking to implement a digital marketing strategy that would enable them to boost their online sales by driving traffic to their site while simultaneously increasing their conversion rate and reducing their average cost per conversion.

In other words, they needed someone who could help them to reach more people and make better use of their marketing budget to sell more high end laptops.

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The Solution

As with all of our digital marketing projects, the Alyka team took a holistic approach to achieve the desired outcome. When it comes to getting results in a highly competitive environment like the one in which Metabox operates, there’s no quick-and-easy way to the top (or else everyone would be doing it, right?)

Starting in December 2017 and running for 6 months, we attacked the challenge with a two-pronged SEO and SEM campaign designed to drive traffic to their website.

SEO measures implemented included developing topic clusters, generating relevant content (in the form of blog posts), adjusting their website copy to include relevant keywords and guiding their developer to fix duplicate content issues.

In terms of SEM, we designed and implemented a highly effective Google AdWords campaign while also setting up ecommerce information feedback so that we had the information necessary to allocate advertising budgets wisely.

However, as any digital marketer worth their salt will tell you, traffic alone is not enough to boost conversions. We also provided a full user experience strategy and guidance plan to help ensure that bounce rates were lowered and conversion rates increased.

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The Results

We don’t like to boast too much, but I think it’s safe to say that we knocked it out of the park with this one.

During the 6 months that the campaign ran we were able to boost conversions to a total of 15,948. This represented a conversion rate of 13.58% at a cost of $14.61 per conversion. For those of you that aren’t familiar with the industry, that’s an exceptionally high conversion rate and a very low cost per conversion for a business selling an expensive high end product.

It also seems that our combined SEO and SEM approach worked exactly as planned, with both campaigns generating in excess of $1 million each in sales in the 6 months. This represented an increase of 27% in leads from SEO traffic when compared to the period before we began flexing our digital marketing muscle.

Overall we think that it’s fair to say that we definitely hit the mark when it came to helping Metabox make better use of their marketing budget to sell more laptops. The December to May sales volume was up 634% (2885 units compared to 393) from the previous year while the cost per sale was slashed from $92.36 per unit to only $11.72 (a reduction of 87.31%).

However, as is the case with everything we do, achieving these fantastic results was a team effort. The fact that Metabox make such fantastic laptops made our job of boosting their sales considerably easier. We’re really excited to have helped them have a fantastic 6 months of sales while also introducing a whole new audience to their amazing products.