NGIS is revolutionising the way we view maps so we knew that we needed to build a site that was ready for the world to see!

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Case Study

The original NGIS site was over customised, over complicated and challenging to navigate thanks to duplicate content being laced throughout the site, resulting in an less than perfect user experience. 

As a global company with an international presence and clients across the world, they needed a brand new site that would help people find exactly what they’re looking for - just like a handy map! 

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The Challenge

The biggest challenge in the NGIS project was perfecting the navigation as they faced complex messaging issues in fully describing their product, consulting and training offerings. The sometimes confusing structure of information made it hard for users to find what they were looking for - and it was of course ironic that a mapping company had a site with tricky navigation! 

To better understand the issues users were faced with, we dove into the site ourselves, meticulously going through each page individually to identify the roadblocks and find the best user journeys possible, so we could guarantee a seamless user experience. 

In addition to this, NGIS needed a complex training module that allowed for online bookings, a new contact us form that reduced spam and a case study module that showcased the full suite of NGIS capabilities.

The Solution

First things first, we recreated the content structure of the site. We eagerly took apart, re-grouped and re-constructed the content to give the user a clear journey throughout the site, along with giving NGIS killer SEO benefits. Once we had a clear sitemap we were able to design an engaging site layout,  complete with animated call to actions.

For clients and prospects of NGIS we created an easy to use training module that provides user the opportunity to enrol in one of the many industry leading training courses. Through this training module users can browse available courses, book a course and learn more about the trainers. This new training module resulted in a huge reduction of internal admin time and even included an automated early bird discount.

NGIS' faced the problem of being able to help people understand how a map could help them. The case studies module we created now makes it perfectly clear - and they consider this part of the website to be the single biggest improvement from the old to the new! Case study information used to be locked away in hard to find and access PDFs. The interactive module is fully responsive with web and video content and encourages users to learn and interact throughout each page. This has seen a massive increase in user understanding of the services NGIS provides. 

In addition to this we integrated their CRM system with the contact form to reduce spam and appropriately delegate incoming enquiries to one person instead of multiple staff.

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The Results

The new NGIS gets every user where they need to go. Like a trusty pocket map, it has all the information, icons, images, (and so much more) that make finding the right information a breeze for every user. NGIS has received countless positive comments from other industry professionals and  leaders, along with positive client feedback praising their new site which is a huge compliment to the work they put into their new site.  

We’re proud of what our team has created and how we were able to so simplify the content on the site in order to improve the navigation for end users. In summary, the new site truly mirrors the personality of NGIS and its ability to provide informative and exciting website exploration to the world.