NGIS is revolutionising the way we view maps so we knew that we needed to build a site that was ready for the world to see and navigate!

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Case Study

NGIS is revolutionising the way we view maps so we knew that we needed to build a site that was ready for the world to see and navigate!

Their original site was letting their business down, it was very hard to navigate and easy to get lost (ironic since NGIS love maps so much). They had important information hiding in multiple areas and the users were just becoming confused and disinterested which resulted in lost opportunities.

Since they have clients all over the globe they needed a site that was readily available, easily accessible and offered a clear way to update the content ensuring all content on the site was current and relevant. With that said, clear branding and consistent messaging was paramount to the new site.

Our goal was to build a completely brand new site that offered easy navigation, specific and easily found content in a fresh, branded way for NGIS to reflect its ability to revolutionise the way we use online maps.

The Challenge

It was clear that biggest issue with the old NGIS site (ironically) was navigation and the vast amount of repopulated content throughout the site. To better understand the issues and confusion users were faced with, we dove into the site ourselves, going through different pages to identify what information is frequently duplicated and why.

The difficulty was that the NGIS site housed so much information, it was hard to tell if there was already an area on the site that housed relevant or related information. They have information about their Technology, different areas for their Industry Solutions and for their Services all of which housed different content so our job was to create a process that offered the user the ability to easily identify and locate the content that they needed without duplication.

The Solution

We eagerly took apart and reconstructed the IA of the site to make it clear to the audience what sections of the site they were on and what they can do. We built a custom news and case studies modules that when populated appear on the industry page under Industry Solutions, this is also dynamic to ease population and content management.

To keep the navigation as simple as possible we redesigned the menu which also benefits SEO and again, eases population and content management. This is complemented with animated call to actions that were designed to guide the user through the site nicely.

For clients and prospects of NGIS we created an engaging training module that provides the user the opportunity to enrol in one of the many industry leading Training Courses offered by NGIS. Through this training module users can browse available courses, book a course, learn more about the trainers and get a quote. We built in an automated early bird discount and also integrated this with Eway to ensure safe payments for users.

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The Results

The new NGIS site looks incredible! It is a huge upgrade from their previous site and compared to their old site, ours is an absolute dream when it comes to navigation, usability and content management. NGIS have also received numerous compliments, praising their new site from other industry professionals and industry leaders which is a huge compliment to them.

We’re proud of what our team has created and how we were able to so easily simplify the content on the site in order to improve the navigation for front end users. If we had not made these improvements or created the custom widgets the site would not be the success it is now.

After all, the new site truly mirrors the personality of NGIS and its ability to provide informative and exciting website exploration to the world.