Perth USAsia is a not-for-profit institution strengthening relationships and strategic thinking between Australia, the Indo-Pacific and the U.S.A. 

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The Challenge

The locally based Perth think tank Perth USAsia set Alyka the task of developing them a new, high-performing, search engine optimised website that would immediately capture people's attention.

They wanted their website to build their credibility, authority and create reliable online presence that fully supported their activities, including communicating corporate information. Visually, they wanted something dynamic and interactive with a compelling fresh design that showcases their academic research, policy analysis reports, media, and events.

A big focus was put on providing a high-quality user experience through new functionality. We knew what was important to Perth USAsia so we set out to design a website that would ultimately revolutionise how you think of a website that’s full of policies and procedures.

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The Objective

Our objective was to develop a site that is engaging, user friendly and informative. We knew that a visually engaging but content heavy website generally has some design limitations, but that was half the fun. We wanted this new site to change the way people thought of and say Perth USAsia and we also wanted to strengthen their online presence and build their credibility.

We knew that this new website would be a resource centre for the community so building an accessible, strong and reliable news module was important to us. So, we pulled the team together and created the plan to design and build exactly what Perth USAsia needed their new site to be.

The Solution

What our team built is an amazingly engaging and visually impactful new website. The statements on the homepage immediately capture your attention and sharp, high quality images follow you throughout your journey on the site.

Our designer created numerous contemporary, branded templates for Perth USAsia to use while our developers created unique widgets for them to implement throughout. Our favourite part of the site is the tagging feature we built into their Our People page. It showcases articles and resources that are tagged by the author in the new Resources Hub.

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The Results

Since the site launched it has been a huge success. It has become a central, resources hub for media, events and information that is continuously strengthening the relationships between Perth USAsia and its affiliates.