The Road Safety Commission is the driving force behind road education and safety in our beautiful state, so of course they needed a beautiful website to help spread their important message. 

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The Challenge 

As the voice of road safety, in Western Australia, the Road Safety Commission is charged with tackling the serious issue of road trauma. This is one of the biggest and most sustained causes of death and injury throughout the WA community. ​For an organization that has to inform and educate our entire state on road safety, communicate the complete traffic code, and provide an immense amount of resource to a wide user base, they need a website that works for the end user, as much for their internal processes.

The focus of the entire RSC project was to make their big, data heavy, non-responsive site into a sleek, modern, user friendly, and easy-to-navigate portal. We need to provide a website that presented clear pathways for a diverse group, making sure that each and every pixel, picture and moving part, was completely accessible. Opossed to it's pre-dessesor, the site needed to be made responsive, making it a useful and easy to use tool on any device. And this is no mean feat.

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The Solution

Starting from the ground up, we began at the websites information architecture. Their previous website had become a mess, and almost unusable. There was no understandable logic to follow, for the user and the RSC staff. With the foundation set the Alyka design and development teams began to work their magic.

As you move through the site, you will notice how clean and uncluttered the website feels, despite the massive amount of information. By using interactive displays and the RSC’s brilliant new brand assets our designers were able to bundle statistics with resources. These are used throughout the website. Once in the developer’s hands they applied an easy-to-use, on-page editing process. This allows the RSC staff to quickly update and change information as needed.

We rolled out a first class publication module for the RSC’s regular updates on rules, regulations and road data. Accessibility was a major concern within each decision which resulted in a website that almost anyone can use, no matter their ability. By the time of go-live, RSC had a resource that matched their cause.

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The Road Safety Commission The Road Safety Commission
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The Results

The RSC's new website is a huge improvement for them and has been embraced both internally by the organization and externally by users who love the new look and feel. As an impeccable showcase in the latest in responsive design, user experience and accessible content principles, the RSC is now a hub for all road safety data information and education.