The Lucky Charm have a passion for delivering high quality, value for money products with only the best customer service, a vision we couldn't wait to get behind.

Website / ECommerce

The Challenge

The Lucky Charm (TLC) came to Alyka with a vision to build an ecommerce store that serviced a city wide customer base, and integrated a number of separate franchises. They had a dream to capture their passion for customer service and quality products, whilst boosting their online presence. The Lucky Charm needed the ability to set up individual online-stores that would allow transactions to be credited to the correct franchise. They also knew a wide range user types would be accessing the site, and wanted the user journey to be as accessible as possible.
What we wanted to create was a design and site map that properly reflected The Lucky Charm’s values and appreciation of their customer. We wanted to communicate this through the content, design and functionality. 

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The Objective

Our plan was to develop a site that could drive online sales, Australia wide, by the cross promotion of products and the effective promotion of sales and offers. We know the power of an effective digital strategy and wanted this site to be a tool that could generate franchise leads, build their customer database, improve conversion rates and cement their brand identity.  

By involving our UX knowledge and strategy experts, we knew that we could develop an easy to use site that utilised style and structure to facilitate an easy user journey, for customer and employee alike, whilst adding to The Lucky Charm marketing tool kit.

The Solution

What our team put together was a beautiful responsive website using a robust content management platform that allowed real-time integration with payment gateways, loyalty programs, and discounts.

Our designer created clean and unique product pages, and a beautiful colour pallet that highlights each CTA button, banner image and bit of text.

Our developers applied a seamless check-out solution to allow users to be able to purchase from their local store or pick up from somewhere more convenient.  This involved a bespoke Google look-up which assigned an address, but could also be overwritten if the user wanted to pick up their order from a specific store. 

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The Results

The site that resulted provides not only the Lucky Charm staff with a premium web solution but, it also offers Lucky Charm's customer base with a user friendly, information rich, tool to easily access their needs and wants. Our bespoke build moves smoothly and provides clear and direct paths for each user, no matter their journey.

The data collection aspect of the CMS allows The Lucky Charm to record any customer contact, and provides a great foundation for an EDM strategic campaign. The backend is easy to use, and allows newsagency staff to edit and change information throughout the site, adding new promotions, products and more. It's a beautiful and useful site that we even love to visit.