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It's pretty simple - we build for your needs. Every business is different, every online store is different, and every buyer journey is different. We identify what makes your business unique and put the needs of the customer first as we piece together each aspect of your eCommerce website - similar to a jigsaw puzzle. We don't offer a one size fits all method, years of experience has provided us with the knowledge to combine our Kentico CMS alongside custom programming to build you a store that works.

Beyond Bricks and Mortar

An online storefront is a lot more sophisticated than anything contained within bricks and mortar. We can help you integrate your digital marketing with your ecommerce storefront through our cutting edge enterprise marketing solutions. With our help you can narrow your conversion funnel and improve profits for your ecommerce site.

Shopping Without Seams

When you’ve done something right, people will think that you haven’t done anything at all. At Alyka, we go the extra mile to provide your customers with an online shopping experience that is truly seamless. Instead of navigating through endless menus, wrestling with frustrating shopping carts and nervously eyeing the security on your site, we make sure that your users will focus on the important things: your content, your product and your services. From browsing your product catalogue to navigating the checkout, your customer won’t notice all of the hard work that goes into making your site a pleasure to use.

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Safe as a Bank

If customers think your site is not safe, they won’t come back. Ever. Businesses are built on their reputations and you should not sacrifice yours with an insecure online store.

Ever seen the padlock on the left side of the URL bar in your browser? That padlock is where security online starts: with SSL encryption that keeps your transactions safe. More than that, we can connect your online store to your bank so that you can get secure and automatic credit card orders from your store.

Have a look at our build for The Lucky Charm. An eCommerce solution that combines the power of a number of store fronts to serve a city wide customer base.

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