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WA businesses unprepared for digital future

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02 Dec 2016

Managing Director Bernard Chia said the 2016 WA State of Digital Report revealed that 38 per cent of Western Australian businesses say the cost of engaging experts and attracting new talent is the biggest challenge to digital progression. 

“The digital economy is forcing businesses to evolve and change at a rate never before seen, and this creates an increasing demand for people with specialist digital skills,” Mr Chia said.

“But this report reveals that many businesses still lack skilled talent and the digital leadership to support their future growth.

“Without investing in the right resources, WA businesses are at risk of falling behind their competitors both nationally and internationally.”

The report involved senior digital leaders from small, medium and large businesses across a variety of industries to provide an insight into the role and importance of digital marketing to WA businesses.
The results reveal a state that recognises the potential of digital marketing, but one which is significantly underprepared with more than 40 percent of businesses indicating they did not feel prepared to handle future digital marketing challenges.

“We live in a digital world, and many businesses are only just beginning to understand the importance of mapping a digital future to stay ahead of competitors,” Mr Chia said.

“By understanding the existing barriers to digital progression, we can help to develop a greater understanding of the opportunities available to WA businesses to support their future growth.”

But it is not all doom and gloom, with half of all businesses confirming they plan to spend more on digital marketing in the next financial year.

“The good news is, there is tremendous potential for WA businesses to grow their digital presence and recognise the importance of new platforms, channels and technologies,” Mr Chia said.

“As a digital marketing agency, we help businesses to navigate the digital landscape and while some businesses have been slow to transition to digital platforms, we’re beginning to see an increased uptake of digital services across all industries.

“Overall, the recognition of the opportunities in this report bode well for WA, assuming businesses embrace the challenges.”

The 2016 WA State of Digital Report report addresses current and planned digital marketing activities, budget management and digital investment, challenges to digital progression and perceived readiness to handle the digital future.  Click here to download your copy of the report.