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A Brand New Style For Google AdWords

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06 Apr 2016

Sleeker, slimmer and more useful. That’s what Google have planned in an upcoming redesign of the aging AdWords platform. At 15 years old, AdWords is starting to show its age with its visual style no longer in line with modern design trends and its user interface being more complex than particle physics. Add to that years of feature updates piled on top of each other and there is quite a bit of bloat to deal with when it comes to using the main advertising platform online.

Materially different

So with all that in mind, Google have announced that they are doing a full redesign of the platform to make it better suited for the needs of advertisers. Google are adapting its consumer-focused Material Design for a B2B audience that needs relevant data at its fingertips. This design language underpins all of the most prominent Google apps like Maps, Search, and Gmail that we know and love.

More than just a new coat of paint

We understand that design is a lot more than just appearances. Great design gives great experiences and it looks like Google have taken that to heart with feedback from working advertisers. The new design will make the platform easier to use, revealing more relevant data and cutting down workflow time significantly.

Jerry Dischler, Vice President of Product Management, AdWords says:

“We want to make it super easy to execute and optimize campaigns based on your unique marketing objectives.

We want to surface insights and help you visualize them in more actionable ways. By seeing the data most relevant to your business goals, you can spend more time optimizing campaigns and identifying opportunities.

At the end of the day, you need simple yet powerful tools that help you do more in less time. You should be able to complete your most important tasks, like managing ad extensions and building reports, all in one place. With less clutter and more intuitive workflows, you can quickly make the changes that move your business forward.”

A whole new world

For those of us who have spent years mastering the ins and outs of AdWords many tricks and traps, this is a brave new world. The redesign won’t be public for quite some time, with closed Beta testing rolling out now. We’re excited to see what Google has in mind to whip our favourite but slightly bloated platform into shape.

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