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Don’t Get Bogged Down Online: How We Helped JWA Transform Their Online Presence

04 Sep 2019

When you think of digital marketing you’d be forgiven for immediately thinking of tech giants like Google and Facebook. You might even think of online sensations like Uber and Amazon. What you’re probably not thinking of is composite matting for the industrial and resources sector.

However, the reality is that every business needs an effective online presence nowadays, regardless of what industry you’re in. Without it, you’re effectively invisible.

That’s why JWA came to us. They needed a new website that would inform and educate prospective clients about what they do, inform them of the products they have on offer, drive enquiries and boost conversions.

We’ve just launched their new site (which you can view by clicking here), so we thought we’d introduce them to you all and tell them a bit more about the project.

What They Do

JWA are composite matting specialists with over 16 years experience of providing temporary access and ground improvement solutions to major Australian projects.

Never heard of composite matting? That’s okay, neither had we until we started working with them.

It’s tough, durable matting that is used to support vehicles & industrial equipment in a wide variety of settings. It’s also known by a variety of different names:

  • People using it to temporarily access soft ground with vehicles in swamps, marshes and wetlands call them swamp mats.
  • Rig operators use them for temporary ground improvements for their ground platforms and affectionately refer to them as rig mats.
  • However, the most common term used across a range of different applications is thick bog mats (because they stop your vehicles from getting bogged). These range from 10mm this bog mats designed to get trucks out of trouble to 105mm engineered platforms for the most challenging applications.

In terms of products, their list includes:

Basically, if you need improved ground conditions or protect work surface for your project, JWA can provide the stability you're looking for.

Who They Work With

What industries does JWA work with? Well, anyone who needs support for vehicles and equipment in difficult circumstances and terrain. This includes:

  • Oil and Gas: JWA’s DuraBase matting has been meeting the demands of this diverse industry for the past 16 years.
  • Events: providing temporary matting for heavy vehicles and to create slip-resistant staging areas.
  • Rail: providing protect for underground service and foundations for works around rail corridors, along with emergency access for repair works.
  • Renewables: support involved in the construction and substation works for wind and solar farms.
  • Utilities: providing composite matting for substation construction and rebuilds, transmission tower refits, pipeline installs and emergency access.
  • Construction:providing composite matting for residential, commercial and industrial construction projects.
  • Defence: providing all-terrain composite matting for training exercises, remote camps as well as for temporary helipads and aircraft taxiways.
  • Mining: providing composite mining mats for heavy equipment access, portable stockpile yards and campsite grounds.
  • Aviation: enabling the construction of temporary taxi aprons, helipads and aircraft parking for airshows, military exercises and airport upgrade programs.
  • Local Council Works: protecting existing infrastructure and public grounds while minimising disturbance to communities.
  • Coastal Construction: providing matting for soft sand access and infrastructure protection.

They also have an impressive list of clients including industry heavy hitters such as Santos, Chevron, John Holland, Exxon Mobil, Origin, Woodside and Rio Tinto.

Why They Chose To Work With Us

JWA is a unique client as they specialise in a unique product that can be used across a wide range of industries and in a wide array of circumstances.

As such, their website needed to act as a showcase for their range of products. It also needed to clearly demonstrate what the capabilities of these products are and what industries are able to utilise them. Finding ways to quickly and effectively communicate this information was crucial.

Also, given that composite matting is used in a lot of industrial processes with serious safety concerns and big budgets on the line, it was vital that JWA’s website communicated the professionalism, reliability and quality that has enabled them to work with such an impressive list of high profile clients.

Alyka & JWA: A Composite Mat(ch) Made In Heaven

JWA is a local company doing a world-class job. In short, they’re just the kind of client that we love working with.

Thanks to our web development efforts, they’ve been able to effectively demonstrate their products, capability and experience to prospective clients. This has helped open up numerous new doors.

But don’t just take our word for it! Here’s what JWA Management had to say:

"It was an experience working with the Alyka team to rebuild our website. It has given us new UX strategies and customised animations not seen in our industry before."