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How to be an efficient, working Dad - Episode 7

  • Ask Alyka

11 Sep 2017

Happy belated Father’s Day! In this episode, we talk about how to be an efficient working Dad. Zion grew his business by 854% revenue wise over a 5 year period while raising 3 kids under 4 - so he knows what it takes :)

We go through our tips including:

  • Mastering your phone (the workflow app is amazing -
  • Apple Airpods (So good for taking work calls on the go and listening to podcasts)
  • Use a light laptop (E.g. Mac Air or lightweight PC laptop)
  • Run or power-walk from place to place
  • Work while watching Netflix with your wife
  • Work while rocking your baby to sleep

If you have any questions, please hit us up on any of the following:

Download Workflow here ->