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How to create a Killer App

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13 Sep 2017

Everyone wants to create the next ground breaking app. But why do so many fail? In this episode we talk to Arthur Ong to find out what it takes to make a great app. And no, he is not related to me :)

After working the rat race all his life, Arthur broke free and created two successful app development companies ( and in his late 30's.

I ask Arthur the following questions:

  • What was your entrepreneurial journey? (1:18)
  • What is the biggest ingredient for failure with app start ups? (3:15)
  • What is the biggest ingredient for success with app start ups? (5:40)
  • What is the most underrated part of developing an app? (8:17)
  • How should someone decide whether to build a website or an app?(12:14)
  • If we were to choose between building an app for iphone or Android what would you choose? (13:09)
  • What is the future of apps? (14:17)
  • In your opinion, is Perth behind in their understand of apps and app technology? (15:06)
  • How should you market your app? (19:00)
  • Why do some other countries such as Israel and South Korea tend to succeed in tech? (20:31)

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