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Influencer Marketing - What is it and Why is it So Underestimated? - Episode 15

  • Ask Alyka
  • Digital Marketing

07 Nov 2017

Before you go any further we have to tell you that we’ve got a special event offer for our #AskAlyka podcast listeners.

Thanks to the popularity of Episode 6 where we spoke to Charlie Gunningham about Digital Disruption we’re hosting an event in Perth to talk about this hot topic in more detail. If you type “askalyka” as the promotional code in the link below, you will receive 50% off your ticket.

You can purchase your tickets here:…457826?aff=es2 (type "askalyka" as the promotional code)

Now for the podcast. This episode is all about Influencer Marketing which is undervalued and underestimated. But why? Listen to what our #AskAlyka team have to say.

  • Is Influencer Marketing a new concept?
  • What constitutes an Influencer?
  • What is a micro-influencer?
  • How to do it?

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