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Meet Duc Pham, Serial Networker & Influencer, with over 16K followers on LinkedIn - Episode 8

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19 Sep 2017

In this episode we speak to Duc Pham, former Melbournite and now local Perthonality. We chat to him about his career and how in four months he created and grew the Perth Business Network from 0 to 50 members in just 4 months.

Our talking points with Duc:

  • What is your story from working in the corporate world to starting your own business?
  • How did you go from 0 to 50 members in 4 months?
  • Why do you love networking?
  • How did you get good with automation and technology?
  • What is your vision for Perth Business Network in 12 months?
  • How does Perth differ from Melbourne?

If you have any questions, please hit us up on any of the following:

If you want to contact Duc, his contact info is:


Duc spoke about the project management software that he uses for his business: Basecamp here ->