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Mega Monthly Recap: Audio Marketing, Artificial Intelligence, How to Scale a Business & More - Episode 5

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28 Aug 2017

In this episode we recap an exciting month of interviews and discussion around business, marketing and tech. Plus, we answer a new question from the Ask Alyka community.

Episode 1 Recap

[1:09] Is Audio marketing the next big thing for Perth business?
[2:08] Is Amazon coming to Australia and what Perth businesses can do to prepare
[2:55] Should we play around with chatbots?

Episode 2 Recap

[3:25] Can I remove bad online reviews?
[4:29] How do I scale my business?
[5:44] How do I turn strategy into execution?

Episode 3 Recap

[7:17] What is the biggest ingredient of failure for app start-ups?
[8:52] What is the biggest ingredient of success for app start-ups?
[9:18] What is the most underrated ingredient of developing an app?
[10:00] Why do some other countries such as Israel and South Korea do so well in Tech?

Episode 4 Recap

[12:02] Should we be worried about AI killing all humans?
[13:47] How does someone prepare for AI so that they don’t get replaced?

New question from the Ask Alyka community:

[15:10] There seems to be a reluctance amongst digital marketers not to embrace direct response copywriting? Why is this so considering it's one of the most highest paid skills in the world. By no means (I'm having a crack). Just want the honest truth!!!

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