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Mr Shark Tank: Derek Gerrard. Entrepreneur, Tech Investor, Pastor and Philanthropist. Episode 9

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26 Sep 2017

For Episode 9 we’re talking to a man of many hats, Derek Gerrard.

Some of his noteworthy achievements include:

  • Leading ChangeCorp, a large management consulting firm.
  • Co-founding and later selling a profitable tech startup called Greensense.
  • Co-founding Go Capital, a tech capital raising firm.
  • Heading up Innovation Bay, a networking platform for innovation and investment in the tech space.
  • He is a church pastor.
  • He is chairman of Meridian Global Foundation, a not for profit that donates to high impact charities.
  • He is a board member of my company, Alyka.

Our talking points with Derek:

[1.25] Tell us your full business story from management consultant to executive of ChangeCorp, to startup founder of Greensense, to selling Greensense all the way to co-founder of Go Capital and Head of Innovation Bay?
[7.55] Tell us a bit about your role as a pastor your role and your involvement as a Meridian Global ambassador?
[11.55] What do you think are the biggest keys to success for you as a business man? Sales ability? Leadership ability? Negotiation ability?
[17.11] What are the biggest reasons that startups fail? (Any stories?)
[24.39] What are the biggest reasons that startups do well? (Any stories?)
[29.21] What is the biggest startup success story you have been part of?
[30.07] Do you have any funny/interesting Shark Tank stories?
[33:30] Giving - you give a lot of money away. Care to share?

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If you want to chat to Derek, his email address is