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PR Queen & Entrepreneur, Nicole Moody - Episode 14

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31 Oct 2017

Let us introduce Nicole Moody, Entrepreneur and PR queen. Nicole is widely recognised as one of Perth’s most senior and experienced communication professionals. Her 25 year career has involved working in Australia and also in London at the highest levels of public relations, government, policy advice, CSR management and journalism.

Nicole was the former GM of Perth’s biggest PR agency before starting her own agency, Hunter Communications. We have had the privilege of working with Nicole and was impressed with her execution.

What We Discuss

  1. Tell us the story of how you transitioned out of your day job into Hunter Communications,
  2. How did you feel at the start? Scared? Excited? Stressed?
  3. What do you get from Hunter Communications that you didn't get from your day job?
  4. When you first started, how did you generate customers? 
  5. What was your biggest failure? 
  6. What was your biggest success? 
  7. What do you think are the biggest keys to success for you as a business person? Sales ability? Leadership ability? Negotiation ability? etc
  8. What are your strengths as a business operator?
  9. Do you think that we live in a world that is too PC nowadays?
  10. What is the future of Hunter Communications and the Influencer Agency (TIA) over the next 1, 3, 5 years? 
  11. What is the project you are most excited about right now?
  12. What is your typical day like?
  13. Do you have any idols, who are they and why?

Nicole details 

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