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So you want to start a Business? Don’t start without listening to Ingrid Thompson - Ep 45

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06 Jun 2018

This week AskAlyka is going bicoastal and we’re interviewing Ingrid Thompson from the eastern states.

Ingrid owns a business called “So You Want to Start a Business” and is a leading business coach that, empowers and mentors budding entrepreneurs. She is also an author with a highly anticipated upcoming book release! (info below).

Essentially, if you’re thinking about starting a business then episode 45 is for you so listen up.

From her first business of finishing jigsaw puzzles for ice cream at the age of 10 through to now, Ingrid has a long list of successful accolades. She has her business, a successful podcast and an upcoming book release, so it’s safe to say that you won’t find better information about starting a business anywhere but here.

Have a listen and get in touch with myself (Zion) or Ingrid below - and don’t forget to pre-order Ingrid's upcoming book!

Ingrid Thompson

Pre-order her book in Australia from Booktopia:
Pre-order her book worldwide on Amazon:

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